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How to backup your data.

Most of us have lots of precious photos and important documents on our computer that we would be devastated if we lost.

When a hard drive fails all your data can be lost but don’t worry you can protect yourself from this happening and it is simpler than you might think.

It’s important to have at least 2 copies of your documents and photos and preferably one that isn’t kept at your home or business and have it encrypted and password protected where possible.

There are many of ways to store your data such as USB stick, external hard drive and cloud based storage (online).

Lots of companies now offer online storage quite often for free or with an affordable monthly subscription depending on your needs.

It’s not difficult to backup your data but unless it’s automated you will need to remember to do it or your backup could soon be out of date.

Data Backup

Setting up a regular backup doesn’t need to be expensive and when you consider the possibility of losing years of important documents and precious memories it’s a small expense to pay for peace of mind.

TechnoDoctor can help you with any questions you have about keeping your data safe and talk through what option would be best for you.

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