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Remote Computer Support

What is remote computer support?

Remote computer support is a way of diagnosing and troubleshooting computer problems over the Internet. Through the use of remote access software, you can give a technician permission to temporarily control your computer, so they can fix the problem remotely. The technician can then see what’s on your screen and chat with you about the support you need.

You might want to consider remote support if your computer is acting slow, your programs are frequently crashing, you have virus or malware problems, or you need help with file backup and recovery.

How does it work?

It is really easy, if you don’t already have it, we ask you to download a program called TeamViewer, we then send you a request to access your computer which you need to approve and once we have disconnected at the end of the session we can’t see your computer any more.

We can fix most issues by remote support except for a computer not turning on, no internet or hardware problems. In these instances, we can come out and see you at your home or business.

Remote Computer Support

What are the benefits? Because we can help you from our office we can normally help you sooner compared to onsite appointment, and because it is quicker for us to help remotely than visit in person it can also be cheaper.

However if you would prefer an onsite appointment we can still help you with this.

How long does it take? Most remote problems take 20-30 minutes but some can take longer. We always try to get your issue fixed as quickly as possible and will keep you updated on our progress.

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